Although casinos are attractive due to their ginormous fun factor and the likelihood of making some fair amount of money, the growing number of casinos and the indisputable

  • competition among them, stimulates the business owners to find ways to woo their customers and keep them always connected, so that they don’t lose their business at any cost. Inspiring

  • the customers was tricky even before the existence of the online counterparts, and now, with this new byproduct of technology called the online casinos, the casino holders are leaving no

  • stone unturned to introduce new promotions and offers, each and every time, without even annoyingly making the customers wait for any possible demands or expectations.



Why casinos offer promotions

Online or Offline, the following could be the probable reasons that motivate the casino proprietors to flag promotions suitably at a given time or scenario.

To survive the competition After the technology has taken over it, the casino business is even more competitive than it was only when the land-based casinos existed. The outcomes are these lucrative deals and promotions, where the heat to beat the competing casinos is crucial for their successful survival and to mark their name in the world of gambling.

To attract the customers No business is successful without ardent customers and hence it is always necessary for a business to find suitable ways to always keep their customers glued to their business. Through various promotions and offers, casinos are finding ways to attract their customers so that they could expand their business and at the same time earn some fame and revenue!

To thank the customers Promotions and deals are definite ways adopted by any business to thank their customers for their loyalty and faith in them, which are no exception even in the world of betting/gambling business. Also, when a business rewards a loyal customer, he/she would be excited and might even encourage more people to follow the business, thus a more sensible way to enhance the business.

To excite the customers Even though gambling itself is exciting and fun, adding promotions and deals add that oomph factor that excites the customers more ‘like never before’ to try new games without any inhibitions, which would ultimately lead to the booming of business. Now that you have understood the reasons, behind the various casino deals and promotions, now it’s the time to uncover the common promotions prevalent in the virtual gambling world of casinos.


Online casino promotions

Some of the famous online casino promotions that are discussed here are quite common across the various online gambling sites, but remember not all! So, if any of these promotions are too fascinating for you then certainly pay attention to the casino site’s promotion offers to conclude whether your most-eyed promotion is present in their agenda or not.


VIP promotions

Can be called the royal promotions for the royal and loyal customers, as VIP customers are those people who have earned the maximum number of points by frequently engaging in gambling that includes a considerable amount of money. These VIP promotions are mostly cash-back types, where for every dollar spent, the customers earn some points, which could be collected to fetch cash back for the specific number of points. Although this is a common type of VIP promotions, certain enthusiastic gambling sites, offer VIP extras or perks based on your VIP level, which is again based on the maximum number of points achieved by you that is depended upon the wagered amount. For example, the Amazon slots’s pizza Sunday, the weekly Pizza Club promotion by the popular gambling site ‘Amazon Slots’, encourages their customers to play their favorite slot games on every Sunday, for which the top 5 VIP customers who had made the highest wagers, will definitely earn a pizza e-voucher on Monday. Isn’t that a hungry deal?



Free Spins

So straight word as the name sounds, you will earn some free online slot spins, either as a part of their individual or standalone promotions or at times as part of their linked promotions that are connected to some bonus offers.

Referral rewards

Certain bonuses reward you with some flat percentage of commission when your friend; one more definite way to turn-in a large number of customers and at encourage the existing customers to involve more in gambling games. Thus promotions and deals vary with different online casino site and it is certainly judicious to completely understand their terms & conditions to make most out of them!

Casino tournaments

These are mostly for the slot games, in where you pay a definite amount and fervently spin your way to make the highest possible score, which would yield you some lucrative prizes that might be sometimes, a part massive prize pool.